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CKW 710 Checkweigher

The checkweighers in the CKW 710 range combine ruggedness and reliability and accommodate the specific needs of each business sector. They meet all current demands for dynamic accurate weighing at high speed in all business sectors, especially in the agri-food industry because they allow the regulatory control of pre-pack-aged products.

The interface ergonomics allows for maximum flexibility and ease of use.
Compact, the CKW 710 checkweigher can be easily integrated into any production line. Cleaning and maintenance are easy and, being totally built in stainless steel, it complies with all hygiene requirements in force.
Besides the addition of a metal particle detector, the CKW 710 range has many options to meet the needs of your applications.

-Compliant with European directive relative to electromagnetic compatibility.
-Compliant with European directive relative to low voltage equipments.
-Compliant with European directive relative to machines.



CKW 710 Checkweigher

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