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Griptech Artiscale ST6

The idea behind the mobile weighing system is the combination of two product ideas - a scale and a pallet truck.

Given the possibility for weighing and gathering information when handling goods and products - the pallet truck is transformed into a multi tool that meets the demands in modern logistic– and production processes.  


• Overload. As it is dangerous and expensive to transport too much load, it is also expensive to transport too little! – Also prevents unnecessary tear of the pallet truck
• Quality control - incoming and outgoing load, information of waste, stock situation, warehouse management, etc – errors are found on the spot.
• Safety – preventing overloading the warehouse shelves while handling goods, etc.

Griptech Artiscale ST6

Capacity : Same as pallet truck

Accuracy:0.1% maximum error of applied
load or 99.9% accurate

Graduation: Multi interval: 0.2 kg up to 200 kg, 0.5 kg up to 500 kg, 1 kg up to maximum capacity

Display:LCD display 20 mm

Indicator functions
: Normal weighing, Manual and Automatic tare, Piece counting, Time anddate, Built-in RS232 (serial port), Check weighing

Keyboard:5 control keys. On/Off key

Battery:Connected the truck battery

Supply voltage:12 VDC
Power consumption:Max 7.5 VA

Protection class
Indicator:IP 65, Load cells:IP 67

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