Complete supplier that develops customized scales and registration systems

Flintab is a complete supplier in scales and registration systems. We develop products and services for our customers regardless of business. Our goal is to generate maximum business benefit. It places high demands on innovation, accuracy and quality – and business understanding.


Our vision is: Flintab shall be the Nordic region’s leading supplier of the market’s smartest and most profitable weighing system.

All the way

We help you to streamline and maximize operations with our unique solutions – all the way from needs analysis, installation and management. You only need one supplier. The whole makes the difference.

Certified partner of Biometria

Flintab is a certified partner of Biometria, formerly SDC. Together with Biometria, we want to achieve the best possible solutions for you in the forestry industry. The certification gives us the opportunity to help design the products of the future together with Biometria.

Official contracts

Evaluation models, CPV codes, the principle of proportionality, thresholds, direct procurement, RFI, contract blocking, all this is everyday for us at Flintab.

Quality work

Quality is choosing a product from Flintab. We are certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001 and accredited by Swedac according to ISO 17020 and ISO 17025. This places high demands on our way of working, operating system and handling of data and documents.

Environment and social

Working actively with sustainability work is a win for everyone. It benefits society, people, the environment and us as entrepreneurs. We can attract the right staff, customers and suppliers who also share our values.

40 years or 151 years of weighing

In the early 1870s, Sven Johan Lindell manufactured a dish scale in his forge in Vireda. The son Henning developed the business into Lindells vågfabrik AB, which in 1877 was moved to Jönköping, where it is still located.

The Lindell family owned Lindells Vågfabrik until 1966, when it was merged with Stathmos and formed Stathmos Lindell AB with headquarters in Jönköping. The company grew and established service offices in the same locations where Flintab is located today.

In 1981, Flintab Vågsystem AB and Flintab Service AB were founded, and in 1998 the company was transformed into Flintab AB.

In 2022, Flintab became part of Dacke Industrier, which gives Flintab access to Dacke Industrier’s extensive resources in various areas. This has not only created a stable platform for growth for Flintab, it has also opened up opportunities for our customers.

Flintab has now established itself in Norway and will offer high-quality scales and systems on the Norwegian market.

Innovation and development

At Flintab, we have an innovative perspective. Our products are constantly being developed to suit different businesses and to meet the market’s need for digitization and efficiency.

We want to create solutions that make a difference for our customers. This means that we develop smart and customer-unique solutions based on our powerful standard products. We integrate these with the customer’s various systems.

Our products are needed in many contexts. Everything is weighed and registration is a must to keep track of it being correct. For example, we have developed dolphin and rhinoceros scales for Kolmården, scale solutions for JAS planes and complex weighing systems for large energy plants.
We collaborate with Science Park Jönköping on innovation and development.

Service organization

Flintab has a unique service organization that includes project management, installation, support and service. We have service offices located in Malmö, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Eskilstuna and in Sundsvall. We are represented in our Nordic neighboring countries Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Flintab maintains and services all types of weighing equipment with a focus on industrial weighing and vehicle weighing. Vehicle weighing with concrete scales has always been an important product for Flintab. Three generations have existed with the best sellers in the form of 14-04 (from 1983), 14-05 (from 1990) and 14-15 (from 2013). Thus, we can safely say that we can do this with weighing – it’s in our DNA.

GDPR and Information Security

Your personal integrity and our handling of your personal data is important to us. Flintab never processes sensitive personal data. However, we can register general personal data about you relating to your workplace. See our Privacy Policy. If you have questions regarding our handling of your data, contact our data protection officer at:

Information in various forms is a vital part of Flintab’s business and we constantly strive to protect it in the best possible way. It is both about technical aids and how we act in our work. For our customers, Flintab’s products handle critical data, where product security thus becomes an important factor.
The goal is that the information security work protects our information assets from all types of threats, both external and internal, while maintaining high availability. Flintab works according to ISO 27001. If you see any security deficiencies that you want to report to us, we will be happy to receive them at