Customer case

Visiting the customer at the workplace provides the best inspiration, here thoughts and advice are exchanged, which in turn creates productivity and growth.

Borås Energi och Miljö

Erik Ruthner at Borås Energy and Environment talks about how they use Viktoria2 and our Vehicle scale 14-15 with split weighing.

Vattenfall AB, Heat Sweden

"Now you are greeted by sunny smiles"

With Flintab’s new powerful weighing system Viktoria2, a lot of the burden is lifted from the shoulders of those involved out at the facilities, says Johnny Friman, fuel system manager at Vattenfall.
Stockholm Exergi

"Viktoria2 has raised the level of the facilities"

Viktoria2 has streamlined the weighing procedure out in the field, a customer who has accepted the new system with open arms is Stockholm Exergi.
Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö

A vehicle scale arrives loaded.

Flintab’s vehicle scales will soon be found in every place worth the name in Sweden. One of the latest to arrive on site is at the Eskilstuna combined heat and power plant. We followed the installation. It’s a heavy precision job, says Timmy Jansson, one of Flintab’s men in Mälardalen.

Ragn-Sells Partille

"The scale is the heart of our business"

Ragn-Sells is one of Sweden’s large groups in the waste management, environmental and recycling industry. One of the facilities is located in Marieholm in Gothenburg, where Flintab’s Viktoria2 is well established.

Telge Återvinning

Anis Beso talks about the benefits of our registration system – better security and efficiency.

Sandahls Grus & Asfalt

"Viktoria2 makes the systems talk to each other"

Sandahls Grus & Asfalt AB has used Flintab’s vehicle scales and Viktoria ever since it was founded in 1991. The Småland family business has now updated the registration system to Viktoria2 at all of its stations.

NCC Industry

"It's important to get feedback out in the field"

NCC Industry controls and controls its 80 vehicle scales from its customer center in the Pulse area in Borås. Flintab made a routine visit to the contact center Customer Center to see how the work with Viktoria2 is progressing.


"No risk of it going wrong"

In 2003, Returpack was built in Norrköping. Ever since then, it is here that all the country’s aluminum cans and PET bottles come to be cleaned, sorted, compressed and packaged and then loaded and transported on to recycling factories in Sweden and Europe.


"Uponor has bought Flintab's record wave"

Flintab has delivered a vehicle scale of the larger type to Uponor AB, the largest plastic pipe manufacturer in northern Europe. The colossus is 26 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, a record width in Sweden.