Weighing and registration in various industries

We develop customized industry solutions with a high level of innovation for weighing and registration. We do this based on long and solid experience in a variety of different areas. We divide our solutions according to the sectors contracting and mining, environment and recycling, energy, logistics and transport, industry and automation, food and trade.

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Construction and mining industry

Within this business area, we offer products and services specially adapted for the production and sale of rock material, aggregate, asphalt and more.

Environment and recycling

The demand for solutions for the environment and recycling is growing, where an increased amount of waste and an increased focus on weighing different fractions during the life cycle require well-thought-out overall solutions.


Our customers in the energy sector are leaders in the industry, which means that we constantly optimize, develop and adapt our products.

Logistics and transport

Within this business area, we focus on material handling, with extra focus on loading and weighing loads. We have the market’s sharpest competence and experience in vehicle load weighing, load control, package distribution and warehouse management.

Industry and automation

Flintab offers products and services adapted for weighing in all types of manufacturing industry. The products are developed with the tough industrial environments as a basis to show correct data weighing after weighing.

Food and trade

In the packaging and food industry, the focus is on simple and robust solutions. The products are adapted to high demands on moisture and hygiene. Automation and digitization lead to lower costs and less wastage.