Passage control with Viktoria2 for ÅVC

The function for checking and registering passages is fully integrated with the rest of Viktoria2 and can be used when more advanced passage management is desired. It is specially designed for the requirements of modern recycling centers (ÅVC) or other facilities where control and safety are extremely accurate.

Automatic invoicing of business visits

Better working environment

The system distinguishes private from business. Limiting the number of simultaneous visitors to a facility.

Better control and visitor statistics

Support for which municipalities have access to the facility. Good analysis basis for occupancy planning.

Possibility for private individuals to identify themselves with a driver's license

Keep track of who leaves waste - without manual handling

Only visitors from the own municipality or collaborating municipality’s facilities have access to the facility. Which results in lower costs and a reduced amount of waste from other municipal residents than their own.

The system makes it easy to distinguish entrepreneurs from private individuals. Entrepreneurs have their own cards and belong to their own category with their own conditions. This makes it easier for the staff at ÅVC, who do not have to deal with visitor identification and payment. The staff does not have to act as controllers to determine whether the visitor is an entrepreneur or not.

  • Only gives the opportunity to enter their own municipality or collaborating municipality’s facilities.
  • Reduced amount of waste from municipal residents other than their own.
  • The system allows different numbers of free visits and different visiting times depending on the category of the visitor.
  • The number of free visits can be linked with the type of waste subscription, e.g. villa, apartment or association.
  • Entrepreneurs have their own cards that belong to their own category with their own conditions.
  • Eliminates cash handling.
  • Less congestion due to greater amount of waste per visit.
  • Option to limit the number of cars in the area at the same time.
  • The staff does not have to discuss and separate. private individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • Prevents entry even if the gate to the facility is open, good in the morning and evening when staff are inside but the facility is still closed.
  • Statistikrapporter via webbläsare utan krav på klientinstallation.
  • Rapporter kan visas genom grafisk presentation eller via traditionella textbaserade.
  • Möjliggör planering av personaltäthet m.m.
  • Uppföljning av förändringar, hur vissa åtgärder påverkar kunderna (brukarna).
  • Reduced vehicle traffic due to fewer visits because a larger amount of waste is left per visit.
  • Reduced vehicle traffic, if possible, can be left at the nearest ÅVC center instead of only “their own” (applies to those that have integration with other municipalities).
  • Viktoria2 is designed and developed with a focus on a centralized solution where all facilities are configured in the same installation and connected to a common database. The system is scalable and can be configured for different operating conditions, and can meet special needs such as e.g. local redundancy.
  • Via surveillance images, the operator can easily monitor and provide support to a visitor. Through newly developed functions, all included facilities can be monitored and controlled from a central operator function.
  • Performance tests are carried out with thousands of transactions/hour and tens of thousands of transactions/24 hours.
  • There are a large number of additional functions to adapt both the software and the hardware for different operating environments, e.g. terminals, barriers, traffic lights, cameras, displays, PLC, etc
  • Automatic invoicing can take place in different ways
  • Integration with the customer’s own business system
  • Integration with Flintab’s selected partners for external invoicing
  • Integration with payment machine for direct card payment via Mastercard or Visa
  • Android app for mobile or tablet for e.g. registration of visitors
  • In the new Viktoria2, the focus is on visitors registering their visits themselves. An efficient solution that provides less waiting times and reduced costs. Language selection on the terminal. Identification can be done with a driver’s license, contactless RFID card or ANPR camera (automatic registration plate reading). The system can check the authorization by typing in the population register via integration with Syna. Virtual cards enable different types of registrations on one and the same ID card.

Viktoria2 is our powerful weighing and registration system.

Viktoria2 helps you connect your equipment for an uninterrupted flow of information from registration to business systems. Registration that takes place via self-service, terminals or mobile solutions. With a common system for all weighing flows, Viktoria2 can help you keep track of your materials, storage locations and balances.

This system is developed for several businesses:

  • Recycling
  • Undertaking
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Logistics

Viktoria2 is, through its structure with different modules, adapted for different industries.

Through the possibility of connecting to different equipment, it is possible to register:

  • Weight: Weighing system for items priced by weight
  • Volume: Volume measurement system for items with volume pricing
  • Quantity: Counting system for items with unit price
  • Passage: Passage system for e.g. recycling centres
  • Retail waste: Retail waste for mall systems
    Energy amount: Energy system for articles with energy price through moisture calculation