Traffic boom BL15

Combining opening speed, ease of use and reliability, Automatic Systems has designed the BL15 for most normal applications. Thanks to its innovative quality thinking, the BL15 has an efficient, safe, elegant and economical traffic boom.

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  • Fast, perfectly controlled movement (from 1.2 sec)
  • Automatic opening in case of power failure
  • Reversible boom arm, left/right
  • Automatic error monitoring and recovery function
  • The TCP/IP interface makes it possible to communicate via an Ethernet network
  • Free arm length: max 4 m
  • Long service life
  • Frame and boom housing in aluminium, resistant to rust
  • Long life cycle
  • Directly driven boom arm reduces errors
  • Difficult to lift
  • Swing-off collision protection
  • Oval aluminum boom arm, light and resistant
  • Easy to replace casings that have suffered minor damage
  • ÅVC
  • Industrial areas
  • Vehicle scales
Informative signal lights

Strong LED lights in the upper part of the boom housing act as traffic lights (red/green) or alarms and help with traffic management.

Built-in web server

Software built into all booms allows real-time monitoring and the ability to configure and monitor each boom via a simple web browser.


Different controls for opening, e.g. terminal, remote control, laser sensors, magnetic loops in the ground, etc.

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Traffic boom BL15