Traffic boom BL229

Increase the security of your facilities with the help of traffic barriers. Ensure correct weighing is carried out before the vehicle is allowed to drive off the scale or that identification gives the right to enter the facility.

Automatic Systems from Belgium is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of equipment for regulating vehicle and passenger traffic. A well-proven construction with high quality.

BL229 is a robust traffic boom designed to fit in most traffic solutions where the customer sees a need for increased safety. As standard, we deliver with a 4.5 meter boom arm, which corresponds to the vast majority of applications. A frequency converter provides a smooth, vibration-free and fast movement.

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Technical specification
  • Boom housing in fully welded 2 mm thick sheet steel that has been pre-treated, primed and finished with double layer 2-component polyurethane paint, total thickness 80-130 μm. Standard color FLINTAB red.


  • Lockable service hatch with 2 keys.


  • Lockable top cover.
  • Extruded aluminum boom arm, Ø 84 mm, white lacquered with red reflectors and end cap. The boom in the picture is in the standard left version.
  • The axle of the boom arm is mounted in double ball bearings and centrally positioned for easy changing of the arm side.


  • Balancing of the boom arm takes place via one or two adjustable springs depending on arm length and any additional equipment.


  • The power transmission part consists of a 3-phase geared motor (controlled by a frequency converter) which allows rapid movement with progressive braking and mechanical locking of the boom arm in the end positions. In addition, there are adjustable limit positions and electric slip clutch. Optional automatic or manual emergency opening in the event of a power failure.
  • Control logic with flexible programmable functions.
  • Foundation (optional), casting materials, supply cable and cable pipe can be found in a separate description.
Accessories/additional equipment
  • Articulated boom arm 90°


  • Boom arm with “swing-off” accessories – save the boom arm in case of collisions (max arm length 3 m).


  • Protected carbon fiber arm as a complement to the “swing-off” arm above. Max. arm length 3 m


  • Warning lights on boom arm (recommended)


  • Adjustable boom support (for arm length over 5 m)


  • Electromagnetic or foldable boom support


  • Boom skirt made of aluminum or plastic


  • Foldable fence, max. 2 m wide


  • Extra heater

The boom can handle many different impulses, common ways of activation are:

  • via scale terminal/weighing
  • passenger terminal or similar
  • remote control
  • magnetic loops in the ground
  • laser sensor
  • key lock/switch directly on the boom house or indoors
  • GSM solution/ethernet
  • Possibilities for control via Viktoria2 (coming release)

At the barrier, a sensor is also needed that detects that the vehicle has passed, eg magnetic loop or laser.

The logic controls all the activities of the boom: functions, movements, additions, inputs and outputs, and so on. The logic stores and displays the most recent events and even if something prevented the movements.

Viktoria2 is the new generation registration system

Viktoria2 gives you maximum control and precise figures to be able to analyze, plan, make decisions and charge. With Viktoria2, you get a comprehensive system that provides control and increased efficiency.

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Traffic boom BL229