Traffic management system

With Flintab’s traffic control system, you get a more efficient flow at your facility and at the same time increase the safety of your staff. Flintab’s system includes adaptation of software for weighing, entry and traffic control as well as integration with superior functions, e.g. production system.

WE help you set up a good flow with the help of traffic lights, displays, barriers and bollards.

Many opportunities
Flintab’s Traffic Management System is fully adapted to database type Microsoft SQL and compatible with most Windows operating systems. The system is a complement to Flintab’s weighing system. The system can be integrated with superior systems such as business systems, transport order systems and various types of production systems.
Overall benefits
When you choose Flintab as a supplier, you can count on worry-free ownership. We provide installation, commissioning, training and software customization services. With Flintab’s service and support agreement, you get the help and support needed for optimal operational security. High availability is the key word.

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Viktoria2 is the new generation registration system

Viktoria2 gives you maximum control and precise figures to be able to analyze, plan, make decisions and charge. With Viktoria2, you get a comprehensive system that provides control and increased efficiency.

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Traffic management system