Vehicle scale 14-15

Vehicle scale 14-15 innovative and reliable construction for low operating costs

Flintab’s vehicle scale 14-15 is the answer to solid knowledge and experience in the manufacture of vehicle scales. Maximum accuracy, reliability and a maintenance-friendly design have been in focus during production.

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Standard dimensions
  • Length: 6, 9, 12, 13, 18, 24, 26, 30 and 36m
  • Width: 3 m
  • Capacity: from 25 t < 100 t
  • Resolution: 20 kg
Weighing Accuracy
  • According to OIML class 3
  • CE marked and EU type approved
Combine with
  • Weight indicator 47-20
Learn more about how our smart vehicle scale 14-15 works!

Terminals for self-service, the driver can identify himself and his material directly from his vehicle.

Ramp support

Ramp supports facilitate the construction of ramps for overhead installation.

Booms and traffic lights

Barriers and traffic lights to control traffic and to increase road safety.

RFID tag

RFID tag, for vehicle identification.

Automatic reading

Automatic number plate reading (ANPR) function.

Traffic management system

Traffic control system to control and guide traffic within a specific area.

Pivoting terminal bracket

Pivoting terminal bracket, can reduce damage to the terminal in the event of a collision.

Electric heating

Electric heating in foundations and wave bridges.
Keeps the scale both traffic-safe and ice-free during the winter.

Run-off protection

Run-off protection in signal color. Protection/assistance against falling off the scale.

Large display (large display)

Large display that gives the driver the opportunity to read the weight of his vehicle from a slightly longer distance.


Camera for still image or video surveillance, identify the type of cargo on the vehicle. ANPR camera for automatic license plate reading.

Side walls

Prefabricated side walls, side wall at e.g. sunken version or for all-terrain version.


Shake before weighing to reduce the risk of e.g. sand, gravel or snow slush ends up on the scale, which can affect operational reliability.

Waterborne heating

Water-borne heating foundations and in wave bridges, keeps the wave safe for traffic and ice-free during the winter.

Reflective pole

Reflective posts that guide the driver on and off the scale.

Side skirts

Side skirts on the weighbridges reduce the risk of dirt ending up under the weighbridges and affecting operational safety.

Photocell Reading

Photocell reading to identify that the entire vehicle is correctly on the scale.

Service hatches

Service hatches that are centrally located for good accessibility during service and cleaning.

Service platform

Foldable service platform for easier access to the terminal, e.g. when changing the paper roll. For safety reasons, it is required that the post is in ground foundations.

Available models
Article Measure Capacity Resolution
141506 6 x 3 m 30 ton 20 kg
141512 12 x 3 m 50 ton 20 kg
141513 13 x 3 m 50 ton 20 kg
141518 18 x 3 m 60 ton 20* kg
141524 24 x 3 m 90 ton 20* kg
141530 30 x 3 m 100 ton 20* kg

* Applies to version with weight indicator 47-20.

All variants are available in surface, sunken or basement versions, as well as with prefabricated foundations or prepared for cast-in-place foundations.
Flintab can provide you with the accessories and drawings required for each design*.

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Vehicle scale 14-15