Vehicle scale 14-40

Mobile vehicle scale in steel

The scale is designed based on long experience in industrial weighing. It is a high-quality construction made entirely of steel, which includes wave bridges, ramps and foundation plates. The scale can be installed on a flat surface of, for example, asphalt or a gravel bed leveled with stone flour.

The scale is moved in one piece without having to be reverified. 12 meters or 2×12 meters + ramps.
  • Low-rise – Height above the ground, only 300 mm.
  • Simple and quick to assemble.
  • Available in 12 and 24 meter versions.
  • Corrosion protected with two-component epoxy paint.
  • Comes complete with ramps, verified (crowned) and ready to use

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Standard dimensions
  • Length: 12 or 2×12 m
  • Length with steel ramp: 17 or 29 m
  • Capacity: 45 to 90 tons
  • Resolution: *20 kg

    *applies to split scale, max 2×45 tonnes

Weighing Accuracy
  • Weighing accuracy according to OIML class 3.
  • CE marked and EU type approved
  • Driven cover plate (between lanes)
  • Guard rail

Terminals for self-service, the driver can identify himself and his material directly from his vehicle.

Automatic reading

Automatic license plate reading.

Electric heating

Electric heating. Keeps the wave safe and ice-free during the winter.

Reflective posts

Reflective posts, guide the driver on and off the scale.

Booms and traffic lights

Booms and traffic lights. To control traffic.

Traffic management system

Traffic management system. To control and guide traffic within a specific area.

Large display

Large display. The driver can read the weight from his vehicle.

Photocell Reading

Photocell reading to identify that the entire car is on the scale.

RFID tag

RFID tag, vehicle identification.

Pivoting terminal bracket

Pivoting terminal bracket. Reduces damage to the terminal when hit.


Camera for still image or video surveillance, identify the type of cargo on the vehicle.

Stairs to terminal

Stairs to terminal. Facilitates when, for example, changing paper. Only for terminals with buried ground foundations, may not be used on terminals mounted on “concrete sleepers”

Guard rail

Run-off protection in signal color. Protection/assistance against falling off the scale.

Available models
Item no Length and width Capacity Resolution
144012 12 x 3 m 45 tons 20 kg
144024 24 x 3 m 90 tons 20 kg

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Vehicle scale 14-40