Solution and concept "Environment and Recycling"

"The vehicle scale is the heart of our business"

Marco Wüst, IT Object Lead, Ragn-Sells

Ragn-Sells is one of Sweden’s large groups in the waste management, environmental and recycling industry. One of the facilities is located in Marieholm in Gothenburg, where Flintab’s Viktoria2 is well established.

– The vehicle scale is the heart of our business, says Marco Wüst, IT Object Lead at Ragn-Sells. 

At the facility on Marieholmsgatan there are two recycling centers, one receives plastic, corrugated cardboard and chemicals, the one we visit receives contaminated soil in various forms. What largely controls the work here is the Västlänken, the construction of the six kilometer long train tunnel that will go under Gothenburg and is expected to be completed in 2026. Marco Wüst says:

– Our working days are very much controlled by Västlänken, on some days there is high traffic here with trucks with excavated material from the excavations, 15 tons per truck. And it is about many millions of excavated material that must be removed and sorted by us.

There are thus several million tonnes to be weighed on Flintab’s vehicle scales. At most, the number of weighings has peaked at 300 per day.

– An incredible amount of data must be recorded, which requires its state-of-the-art system. We were actually the pilot station for Viktoria2 in September 2020 and it has served us amazingly well ever since.

Marco Wüst seems to know every single driver that comes in for weigh-in.

– The scale is the heart of our business and since the upgrade to Viktoria2, the company management has really realized its importance.

– Now Ragn-Sells is also in the process of changing business systems, so much is at stake, but we are not worried that it won’t work, Viktoria2 is designed to fit all systems, states Wüst as he reads the latest text message in the mobile phone.

– We can give Flintab ideas and they listen and solve most things… in a short time. Ragn-Sells had a lightning strike in its largest facility in Högby Torp in Stockholm this year, here we are talking about several scales that weigh around 800 trucks every day. Everything was knocked out in a flash and it was feared that it would take up to 16 hours to get the weighing up and running. Flintab was on site after just over an hour and fixed it within two.

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