Sustainability is a natural part of Flintab's operation and strategy

Sustainability for us at Flintab means striving to balance consideration of long-term environmental aspects as well as social and economic requirements.


Flintab's Sustainability Report 2022

In our annual sustainability report, we collect the results of our structured work around sustainability. With the report, we provide a clear picture of challenges and opportunities.

• Act responsibly
• Sustainability is a natural part of Flintab’s core business and strategy
• Sustainability goals in focus
• Dialogue for development
• This is what our stakeholders think is important
• Trends and market for our business areas
• Impact from Flintab’s products and services
• Reduced climate impact from our concrete truck scales
• Impact from business travel and transport
• Climate impact in the value chain
• Health and safety
• Work at Flintab
• Ethics and values
• Business management

Supplier Code of Conduct

In the Code of Conduct, we have gathered our values and the expectations we have of our suppliers. We work with partners who share our values.