Registration system Viktoria2 provides maximum control

Flintab helps you with secure registration and monitoring. Viktoria2 secures your information using AD login, encryption and secure data management according to GDPR (the data protection regulation that regulates the processing of personal data).

With Viktoria2’s integration engine, it is easy and safe to share information with your other systems, such as invoicing and statistics follow-up. A streamlining of administration work on all levels. The engine is one of the most important advancements with Viktoria2!

With a common system for all information flows, Viktoria2 gives you real-time status for materials, storage locations and balances. This means that you as customers have complete control over your business. An invaluable help in the long run.

The modular solution consists of various function packages that we adapt especially to your needs and conditions. Our customers are in industry, contracting, recycling, food, logistics, transport, and energy to name a few areas.

Our registration system is scalable and has a performance that is suitable for large and small businesses. Viktoria2 has the power for hundreds of facilities but works just as well for the small business. The modular structure allows for the selection of different function packages.

  • Graphical and numerical reports
    Web-based reporting software with personalized access
    Allows access for external users
    Option to select language in the system
  • Web-based reporting software with personalized access
  • Allows access for external users
  • Option to select language in the system

Smart system for different types of registration


Volume measurement system for volume priced items.


Energy system for aEnergy articles with energy price through moisture calculation.


Counting system for items with unit price.


Weighing system for articles with weight price.


Viktoria2 registers thousands of visitors every day.



User-friendly web reports for internal and external users provide high availability.

Planning, results and integration

Plan e.g. orders, visits, stock requirements and balances directly in Viktoria2. Analyze data in custom reports. Integration with ERP for e.g. simple invoicing and loading of article registers.

Data in real time

Viktoria2 provides real-time status for e.g. materials, storage locations and balances.

Traffic flow

Get a smooth and good flow at your facility with Viktoria2 - traffic control module with referral and queue management.

Process flows

Vehicle weighing

Register data from your vehicle scale, both car and trailer at the same time.
Use cameras for automatic license plate recognition, app or contactless cards for easy registration.
Let the driver fill in your determined mandatory data via self-service.
Use automatic checks that the vehicle is standing correctly on the scale and that the weighing is approved before continuing the passage. Automatically save data with, for example, photos of the car and load for follow-up checks.
Direct traffic further via displays, traffic lights and barriers.

Passenger registration - ÅVC

Register passages to property or area. Use cameras for automatic license plate recognition or contactless cards for easy registration.
Let barriers, gates, traffic lights and displays guide the visitor to the right place. Also see the number of visitors who are at the selected facility. Manage authorizations in Viktoria2, advantageously integrated with other systems where the personal data is already stored.
Let different categories control authorization times or the number of visits. Integrate with payment solutions for passages that require debiting.

Material handling & Production

Register production data in the form of, for example, weight, flow, number, article, volume, passage. Use data to charge, control and analyze or just monitor. Connect and use data from

  • Stationary scales such as goods scales, bench scales, lab scales, crane scales, etc
  • Forklift and wheel loader scales – record internal stock movements made by mobile vehicles with scales.
  • Load cells on existing equipment – put load cell applications on e.g. a tank, silo or other equipment where you want control over actual weight.
  • Belt scales, flow meters, conveyor belts – record weight in your production, whether it’s packaging, loose material or liquid.
  • Connect advanced systems for, for example, dosing, tolerance controls or warning signals.