Flintab weight indicator 47-11

Art nr: 47-11-D03P

Small and flexible. Weight indicator 47-11 combines modern technology with flexibility and can be supplied with different enclosures for operation in varying environments. The weight indicator can be freely customized and configured in terms of weighing capacity, filtering, weighing functions and communication to suit every weighing need.

  • Compact and robust construction for industrial or consumer applications
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface (TCP / IP)
  • Dual serial interfaces, 2xRS232 alt. 1xRS232+1xRS485(2W)
  • Internal high-contrast TFT display (320×240) with membrane keys and/or external segment with side push buttons Interface suitable for most ratio-metric converters
  • Alibi memory (DSD) as an option
  • Supports several industry standard protocols
  • Available in stainless steel for environments with extra requirements.
  • LED backlight and automatic dimming for long life
  • Approved for both automatic and non-automatic weighing

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Weights and Measures
  • 47-11-D03P
    (3.5″ TFT screen, panel, DIN or table mounting)
    W166 x H93 x D38 mm hole punch panel 160 x 77 mm, weight 0.3 kg
  • 47-11-D000
    (without screen, DIN or wall mounting)
    W150 x H76 x D27 mm, weight 0.3 kg
  • 47-11-D03V
    (3.5″ TFT screen, stainless steel tight enclosure table or panel mounting)
    W185 x H152 x D120 MM hole punch panel 160×125 mm, weight 1.9kg
Technical specification
  • OIML R76 class III and R51
  • Certified max. number of shell parts 10,000 single range or 3×4000 in multi-range/multi-range, maximum three ranges.
  • Minimum verifiable scale part 0.4 μV
  • Internal resolution 24 bits/channel
  • Type-approved temperature range -10C° – + 40C°
  • Zero operation max. 5nV/C°
  • Linearity min. 2ppm/C°
  • Electromagnetic class E2
  • Supply 5V ‘switched polarity’ @57hz
  • Sensor connection 35 -1200 ohm typically 2mV/V
Directives and standards

CE marked, meets the requirements of:

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU (EN 60950-1:2006)
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU (EN 61326-1:2013)
  • RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU (EN 50581:2012)
  • Directive non-automatic weighing 2014/31/EU (EN 45501:2015, OIML R76:2006)
  • Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU MI-006 II (OIML R51-1:2006)
  • Dual serial communication channels 2xRS232 or 1xRS232+1xRS485(2W)
  • Ethernet 10/100mbit TCP/UDP Server/Client
  • Accessory interface for external I/O and analog out/in
Voltage supply

10-24VDC ±20% (<5W) DC plug for 2.1mm center pin (positive), power supply included.

  • Table stand aluminum for 47-11-D03P
  • Wall bracket/panel clip for 47-11-D03P
  • DIN clip
  • External LCD segment display, 48-40-01
  • External 3.5″ color TFT display with touch, 48-11
  • External extended interface, different variants; 8/8, 2/2 I/O and analog input, 43-11
Combine with

Weighing platform 12-07PZ

Item no Display Ethernet Mounting
47-11-D03P With internal display x Panel or table mounting
47-11-D000 Without internal display x DIN or wall mounting
47-11-D03V (stainless) With internal display x Panel or table mounting

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Flintab weight indicator 47-11