Vehicle scale 14-15 for operational reliability and better economy

A unique vehicle scale with innovative construction and exceptional reliability – which is the key to good profitability.

Flintab’s vehicle scale 14-15 is an innovative and reliable construction for low operating costs. This scale is the result of solid knowledge and experience in the manufacture of vehicle scales.

During development, the focus has been on maximum accuracy, reliability and a maintenance-friendly construction.
When you buy a vehicle scale from us, you get security and control over your deliveries and deliveries. In addition to the scale function itself, we have also developed various accessories for the vehicle scale, all for a complete quality solution.

Our offering includes intelligent weighing systems and robust vehicle scales, together with a first-class service organization.

Flintab takes overall responsibility, which gives you as a customer both operational reliability and profitability. We help all the way from analysis, planning, purchase and installation of an approved, EU-verified vehicle scale.

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What happens if the weight
is not correct?

Estimated error per weighing 500 kg

Number of weighings per day: 100 pcs
Average price per ton: SEK 1,000
Margin of error per day: SEK 50,000/day
Number of operating days per year: 250
Margin of error per year: SEK 12.5 million

Smart solutions that provide added value for our customers' businesses

Heat and humidity control

We have developed a heating concept with heating in both the bridge, foundations and ramps as an option. We have supplemented our previous temperature control with humidity control and can thus reduce energy consumption by approx. 50%.

Verified scales

Standard version with two verified scales in one (45+45ton), you can easily do daily internal checks.


The concrete used for vehicle scales 14-15 is climate-improved concrete and has a lifespan of at least 50 years. Climate-improved concrete is a term developed by the industry organization Swedish Betong and which is based on a standard concrete as a reference.

Split weighing

Vehicles with trailers can be partially weighed in one step without having to move the crew. It provides a faster weighing procedure, allows different materials on car and trailer.

Overhead or submerged vehicle scale


An overhead installation is preferred when space and ground conditions permit. This makes it easier to clean and inspect the scale, which ensures correct weighing results. Flintab supplies prefabricated foundations, with the option of ramp support and run-off protection.


A submerged scale can be suitable where the space means that an overhead one cannot fit or where for other reasons you want to integrate the scale at ground level. It is also perfectly possible to install it as a basement, i.e. at ground level on one long side and open on the other.
Flintab supplies prefabricated foundations and side walls. The wave bridges are provided with hatches for service work.

Capacity and standard dimensions

Art no: 141506
Length: 6 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 30 tons
Resolution: 20 kg

Art no: 141526
Length: 26 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 90 tons
Resolution: 20* kg

Art no: 141512
Length: 12 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 50 tons
Resolution: 20 kg

Art no: 141530
Length: 30 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 100 tons
Resolution: 20* kg

Art no: 141513
Length: 13 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 50 tons
Resolution: 20 kg

Art no: 141518
Length: 18 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 60 tons
Resolution: 20* kg

Art no: 141524
Length: 24 m
Width: 3 m
Capacity: 90 tons
Resolution: 20* kg

Weighing accuracy: according to OIML class 3, CE marked and EU type approved
Combines with: Weight indicator 47-20

* All variants are available in top-mounted, sunken or basement versions, as well as with prefabricated foundations or prepared for cast-in-place foundations. Flintab can provide you with the accessories and drawings required for the respective execution”

Optional vehicle scale 14-15


Terminals for self-service, the driver can identify himself and his material directly from his vehicle.

Ramp support

Ramp supports facilitate the construction of ramps for overhead installation.

Booms and traffic lights

Barriers and traffic lights to control traffic and to increase road safety.

RFID tag

RFID tag, for vehicle identification.

Automatic reading

Automatic number plate reading (ANPR) function.

Traffic management system

Traffic control system to control and guide traffic within a specific area.

Pivoting terminal bracket

Pivoting terminal bracket, can reduce damage to the terminal in the event of a collision.

Electric heating

Electric heating in foundations and wave bridges. Keeps the scale both traffic-safe and ice-free during the winter.

Run-off protection

Run-off protection in signal color. Protection/assistance against falling off the scale.

Large display

Large display that gives the driver the opportunity to read the weight of his vehicle from a slightly longer distance.

Weighing camera

Camera for still image or video surveillance, identify the type of cargo on the vehicle.

Side walls

Prefabricated side walls, side wall at e.g. sunken version or for all-terrain version.


Shake before weighing to reduce the risk of e.g. sand, gravel or snow slush ends up on the scale, which can affect operational reliability.

Waterborne heating

Water-borne heating foundations and in wave bridges, keeps the wave safe for traffic and ice-free during the winter.

Reflective posts

Reflective posts that guide the driver on and off the scale.

Side skirts

Side skirts on the weighbridges reduce the risk of dirt ending up under the weighbridges and affecting operational safety.

Photocell Reading

Photocell reading to identify that the entire vehicle is correctly on the scale.

Service hatches

Service hatches that are centrally located for good accessibility during service and cleaning.

Stairs to terminal

Stairs to terminal. Facilitates e.g. change of receipt roll.

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