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"Uponor has bought Flintab's record wave"

Bengt Nyman, project manager at Uponor

Flintab has delivered a vehicle scale of the larger type to Uponor AB, the largest plastic pipe manufacturer in northern Europe. The colossus is 26 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, a record width in Sweden.

– A very solid scale, of course we are proud, says Flintab’s salesman Henrik Kindstedt.

For a concrete scale, it’s also really good-looking, thanks in large part to the fact that it’s built in longitudinal suter terrain.

Another finesse is that wave bridges, wave foundations and surrounding carriageways are equipped with Uponor’s surface heating system, Meltaway, to avoid ice formation in winter road conditions. The safety of all types of road users, including pedestrians, in the area is thus significantly increased.

The scale is located at Uponor’s industrial facility in Virsbo in Västmanland, where we reach project manager Bengt Nyman.

– One of the reasons why we chose Flintab is precisely their high level of security. In addition, Flintab maintains a higher environmental class through, among other things, climate-improved concrete, which means a reduced climate impact.

Countless tons per day of polyethylene powder are transported into the plant for weighing. Material that is then stored in silos before it goes into production.

– It is increasingly important to have full control of both incoming and outgoing materials, partly for cost reasons but also from an environmental point of view. With a weighing system with this precision, we will now be able to ensure that we use the raw material optimally, says Bengt Nyman.

In connection with the road construction, Uponor has invested in a traffic management system inside the area.

– In addition to the Uponor Meltaway surface heating system of more than 1000 m2, the area around the wave platform has received clear road lines, improved lighting and traffic lights to prevent oncoming traffic on the wave.

– These are heavy vehicles loaded with sea containers and tankers, so safety can never be compromised.

Both gentlemen are working on streamlining the process around the scales in the near future.

– It is possible to extend the scales with sections and at the same time increase safety, all to further increase efficiency.

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Magnus Wallin
Regional salesperson North
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Regional salesperson South
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Regional seller Stockholm, Gotland
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