Viktoria2 Materials management

New product solution simplifies registration for larger properties

We have developed a product solution for registering materials with self-service for, for example, shopping centers, office hotels and other larger properties. The purpose of the product is to facilitate the administration of material handling and provide an accurate load based on quantity. Each player within the property registers their quantity of the respective faction, which is easily managed via our weighing station.

Ordering is simple:

Roll the barrel on the scales

Identification at the terminal with card or key fob

Select faction on the touch screen

Registration system Viktoria2

The system is based on the VIKTORIA2 weighing system, where data is handled in a central manager so that administration, billing orders and reports are handled for all connected stations. Integration can be done with e.g. business systems for direct invoicing.

Choose the right scale

Choose from our scales to find a suitable size for your purpose – from bench scales for small vessels to floor scales for large vessels.

Ensure correct registration

To further ensure correct registration, there are several possible ways to integrate the product with, for example, opening doors, starting the compactor and camera surveillance. Different elements can control different events. Connection is made with the terminal’s built-in relay or with the Viktoria API.

Simple administration

An administrator can use the web client to adjust or add data, such as registering a new customer tag. With the reclassification app, deviations and additional entries can also be added. Customers can view their registered routes via report login.

The following products are included in Viktoria2 material conctruction

Registration system Viktoria2 helps you with secure registration and monitoring. Our registration system is scalable and has a performance that suits large or small businesses.

The terminal is equipped with a 10″ touch screen that is easy to navigate through with graphic images for the various choices.
• The terminal is available with or without a receipt printer.
• Digital receipt via e-mail is handled by Viktoria.
• Built-in relays

Godsvåg 13-04 is available in two different custom sizes

1100 x 850 which is adapted to a 660 liter container.
700 x 650 which is adapted to a 190 liter container.