Environment and recycling

The demand for solutions for the environment and recycling is growing, where an increased amount of waste and an increased focus on weighing different fractions during the life cycle require well-thought-out overall solutions. In order to obtain efficient flows, the weighing needs to be integrated with other processes.

Flintab offers everything from smaller connected scales for charge-controlled waste management for businesses in shared premises, to vehicle scales with centralized system operation of several facilities. With our scales, weighing data is available with the possibility of integration into your business system, route planning system or other system.

We also develop self-service registration and payment solutions for recycling centers that create better planning, flow and finances. A major advantage of this system is that it is easy to distinguish entrepreneurs from private individuals. By automatically charging entrepreneurs and limiting the number of free visits for private individuals, the number of transports to and from the recycling station is reduced and fraud is minimized.

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Safe and profitable ÅVC with Viktoria passage

Entry and exit solutions for recycling centers – several different solutions available with driver’s license reading, payment machines or camera reading. By using Viktoria against real estate registers, the data is constantly updated with who is to be charged or not depending on whether the visitor is a private person, a business operator and which municipality he is a resident of.

Mobile aids for ÅVC staff

With a smartphone and our Recycling app, operational administration of the ÅVC facility can take place outside the facility; monitor the visits, help by opening barriers or register and remove a registration manually.

User-friendly weighing for property owners

For shared properties where each tenant must pay for their share of waste, our connected FNI scale is a good solution. The waste is registered against the waste depositor via a tag. Different fractions can be managed via tags on vessels or via selection in the display.

Save energy with vehicle scale with heat

With vehicle weight 14-15, heating is a common option. Heating coils are cast into both piers and foundations to ensure both safe weighing and safe transport over the scale. To save power, we have optimized the system and use a moisture meter to sense when the wave is dry and the heat can be lowered.

Mobile handling of cases at recycling facilities

With a smartphone and our Omklass app, the staff can monitor weighed-in registrations and see if, for example, item selection is correct, make changes directly in the app or add items and notes. It is also possible to add control functions to classify deviations, add images and create approvals.

Control traffic flows with the Traffic Management System

With our add-on TSS, traffic can be routed via different routes or loops. The system can communicate with other systems such as production control systems, for example the right tipping pocket and queue management in addition. During the route, several aids can be controlled automatically, for example large displays, cameras, barriers and traffic lights.

Always shared load with vehicle scale 14-15

With the vehicle scale 14-15, the car and trailer are registered separately, which enables quick and easy weighing even when there are different items on the car and trailer. Articles are easily entered via self-service in the terminal.

Reduced transport of containers

Flintab has developed a scale intended for load changer containers. The scale can, for example, send a signal physically or via email when a certain value has been reached and it is time to switch to a new container.

Save manual effort through Integration with waste registers

Hazardous waste must be registered with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which can be done with the help of Viktoria. If you weigh and handle the waste, it is a great benefit to have a system for reporting.

Products for the environment and recycling

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"The vehicle scale is the heart of our business"

Ragn-Sells is one of Sweden’s large groups in the waste management, environmental and recycling industry. One of the facilities is located in Marieholm in Gothenburg, where Flintab’s Viktoria2 is well established.

Telge Återvinning

Anis Beso talks about the benefits of our registration system – better security and efficiency.