Construction and mining industry

Within this business area, we offer products and services specially adapted for the production and sale of rock material, aggregate, asphalt and more.

Flintab develops solutions that lead to more efficient processes through control, follow-up and self-service with automated monitoring.

Information about orders, quantity ordered per delivery and stocked quantities make it easier to control and track the large material flows. By weighing on several occasions, the information can be used to follow up the business. Internal material movements, flexibility for handling different material types and weighing during operation are made possible with belt scales, wheel loader scales and vehicle scales.

With integration with systems such as wheel loader scales, transport management and business systems, the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

For the mining industry, we offer Heavy-Duty vehicle scales for large loads and machines. With our mold, we can adjust width and length to suit size and weight requirements of hundreds of tons.

For customers within:

Gravel handling


Asphalt handling

Cover breaking


Examples of areas of use

Vehicle scale 14-15 Heavy Duty for heavy vehicles

Fordonsvåg 14-15 Heavy Duty utförd exempelvis som en 5 x 10 meter våg vilken tar en axelvikt 75 ton. Dumper passerar över vågen och vikten registreras automatiskt med hjälp av trådlös tagg på respektive fordon. Vikterna följs sedan upp i Viktoria.

Vehicle scale with grid

In the case of a gravel roof, there is a lot of sand and gravel from the tires that can collect under the scale and impair the weighing. Installing a grate before the scale avoids problems and saves time from cleaning the scale. Flintab can supply a complete set for assembly.

Streamline the flow with belt scales

With scales directly in the flow, good estimates of production status are given. Belt scales can be installed in most existing belt constructions, where one or more rollers are replaced and the weight is adjusted. The weight can be monitored via Viktoria.


Be flexible with a portable vehicle scale

It is not uncommon for the need for scale to change as quarries move and expand. But our portable vehicle scale, the move is not difficult. Terminals for the scale are also portable and are connected to Viktoria via 5G modem.

Load directly with wheel loader weighing and Onboard

With Viktoria Onboard, wheel loaders with scales can communicate with Viktoria and transactions can be handled directly from the machine. At the entrance, visiting vehicles register and select material, which the wheel loader driver sees and can immediately load. Possibility of a receipt at the exit.

Free up staff through self-service and control

With our terminals together with cameras that take photos of cargo and register the vehicle’s number plate, material can be checked out without personnel on site. It is also possible to supplement with sensors that sense that the entire vehicle is standing on the scale and that as many vehicles that have driven in have also weighed out. The concept provides access to the scale around the clock and great savings when the staff is freed up for other work.


Integrate with transport management

With the Viktoria API, it is easy to integrate weighing data with, for example, planning programs and transport control data with data for invoicing.

Products for contracting and the mining industry


Vehicle scale 14-45 - light truck

Band scale

Together with our customers, we create smart and safe solutions

NCC Industry

"It's important to get feedback out in the field"

NCC Industry controls and controls its 80 vehicle scales from its customer center in the Pulse area in Borås. Flintab made a routine visit to the contact center Customer Center to see how the work with Viktoria2 is progressing.

Sandahls Grus & Asfalt

"Viktoria2 makes the systems talk to each other"

Sandahls Grus & Asfalt AB has used Flintab’s vehicle scales and Viktoria ever since it was founded in 1991. The Småland family business has now updated the registration system to Viktoria2 at all of its stations.