Viktoria2 Energy

The module is used when you want to measure the energy content for deliveries of biofuel to heating plants and the like

The system is based on using the weight and moisture content of a delivery to calculate the energy content with a mathematical formula. The moisture content is based on samples that are weighed, then the delivery is dried and weighed again. The weight for the delivery finally comes from a vehicle scale.

Viktoria2 is our powerful weighing and registration system.

Viktoria2 helps you connect your equipment for an uninterrupted flow of information from registration to business systems. Registration takes place via self-service, terminals or mobile solutions. With a common system for all weighing flows, Viktoria2 can help you keep track of your materials, storage locations and balances.

This system is developed for several businesses:

Viktoria2's modules are adapted for different industries

With the ability to connect to different equipment, you can register: