Our customers in the energy sector are leaders in the industry, which means that we constantly optimize, develop and adapt our products.

The products and services we offer within the Energy business area are primarily aimed at the power and cogeneration industry with municipal, state and privately owned players. Within the industry, high demands are placed on data security, operational reliability and documentation. Here, Flintab is a leading supplier.

With our expertise in weighing and measuring technology, we create modern and efficient solutions for external fuel handling and fuel preparation. Our customers’ goal is to extract the most energy possible from each product or raw material. For that to be possible, it is important to have the right amount of raw material at the right time – we are experts in that flow.

We provide efficient solutions for external fuel handling and fuel preparation. Our Viktoria weighing system handles energy calculations for billing per energy quantity and calculation of CO2. With Viktoria, the traffic within the area can be managed further to the right place via the traffic management module.

Integrations to other technical equipment and programs are common in the business area. Via our API or our customized integrations, superior systems such as transport management and programs in timber/forest management are connected.

For customers within:

Heating and cogeneration plants

Examples of areas of use

Manage the flow of energy in a system

The entire chain with moisture testing and energy calculation is handled in Viktoria energi. Parameters for how measurement should take place are set according to the customer’s requirements. Scale for energy test is connected to Viktoria for direct registration of weight before and after drying and with connection to order/load. Data can be further managed in different systems, Flintab sells, for example, a prepackaged integration with Biometria.

Create traffic flows with traffic control

In the business area, it is common to have large facilities with several scales in width. Self-service terminals, barriers and traffic lights manage the weighing sequences and ensure that traffic flows as easily and quickly as possible. Complete with entry and queue management for optimal flow.

Energy-efficient vehicle scale with heating with waste heat

With vehicle weight 14-15, heating is a common option. In the energy business area, there is often access to hot return line water. We therefore offer water-borne heating for our vehicle scale, which is cast into both piers and foundations and thus help our customers save a lot of energy.

Integrate with radiation control

Create flows and parameters for when vehicles should go in for inspection. Flintab has integration with radiation control solutions.

Control traffic flows with the Traffic Management System

With our add-on TSS, traffic can be routed via different routes or loops. The system can communicate with other systems such as production control systems, for example routing to tipping pockets with queue management. During the route, several aids can be controlled automatically, for example large displays, cameras, barriers and traffic lights.

Streamline the flow with belt scales

With scales directly in the flow, good estimates of production status are given. Belt scales can be installed in most existing belt constructions, where one or more rollers are replaced and the weight is adjusted. The weight can be monitored via Viktoria.

Update inventory balances in real time

With Viktoria Onboard, wheel loaders with scales can communicate with Viktoria. Registration of material movements within the area can be registered directly in the wheel loader or via warehouse movement orders. Article and service are selected via the screen.


Use the same system for entering the area as for the weighing system – Viktoria. Smooth and simple. Through early registration, routing can take place to different locations in the area. Also gives advantages to see statistics about vehicles that have entered and exited without registered weighing.


Save manual labor by having the supplier see their deliveries themselves

With the web-based Viktoria report, suppliers can look at their respective deliveries to see, for example, how much they delivered, quality, kWh and price. The supplier can export reports himself.

Produkter för energisektorn

Together with our customers, we create smart and safe solutions

Stockholm Exergi

"Viktoria2 has raised the level of the facilities"

Viktoria2 has streamlined the weighing procedure out in the field, a customer who has accepted the new system with open arms is Stockholm Exergi.

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Borås Energi och Miljö

"Finally we can do separate weighings"

Erik Ruthner at Borås Energi och Miljö talks about how they use Viktoria2 and our cargo scale 14-15 with split weighing.

Vattenfall AB, Heat Sweden

"Now you are greeted by sunny smiles"

With Flintab’s new powerful Viktoria2 weighing system, a lot of the burden is lifted from the shoulders of those concerned out at the facilities.

Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö

A vehicle weigher comes loaded

Flintab’s vehicle scales will soon be found in every place worth the name in Sweden. One of the latest to arrive on site is at the Eskilstuna combined heat and power plant.