Vehicle scale 14-15 Heavy Duty (HD)

To meet the need for heavier weighing and special vehicles, we have developed a Heavy Duty (HD) version based on our successful vehicle scale 14-15.

The scale is designed to handle single axle pressure of 32 tonnes, bogie pressure of 50 tonnes and triple bogie pressure of 60 tonnes. To cope with increased shoulder pressure, the wave is carried out in sections of 6 meters.
The wave is normally offered with a width of up to 4 meters, and with lengths of 12 meters and 24 meters. Other dimensions can be given after discussion with Flintab. If there are additional requirements for axle pressure or width, two bridges can be placed in parallel. This gives a scale that can withstand an axle pressure of 75 tonnes.


Vehicle scale 14-15 HD is designed and manufactured using a method where the reinforcement is tensioned for casting. This manufacturing method provides superior durability and the scale retains its original shape for accurate weighing results year after year.

The service hatches are located in the middle of the wave bridges in sunken and subterranean design. This is to reduce problems that otherwise arise if they are placed in the wheel tracks. The vehicle scale can be equipped with run-off protection for better safety and working environment. 

Split weighting

In the standard version, Flintab’s vehicle scale HD consists of 6 meter independent bridges, this gives the possibility of shared weighing.

Split weighing gives a more accurate scale. It provides a faster weighing procedure, allows different materials on car and trailer. Another advantage of two piers is that it provides increased operational reliability, as one of the piers can always be kept in use for service and maintenance. To name just a few advantages.

Heat in the wave for increased operational reliability

To avoid icy docks, downtime and incorrect weighing in winter, we recommend choosing to heat the scale. This increases the operational reliability of the scale in winter and that no “washboards” are formed by the cars when starting and stopping on the scale. Ice formation can significantly affect the weighing result and cause downtime. Therefore, we can offer to install heating in both the wave bridge and foundation to prevent ice formation from below.

Temperature and humidity sensors minimize energy costs and climate impact

As an option, you can choose our temperature and humidity sensor, which is molded into the scale. It significantly lowers energy consumption and minimizes climate impact. The sensor detects whether the wave is dry (melted) despite freezing temperatures and then lowers the heat. For companies that are certified according to ISO 14001, our temperature and humidity sensor is an obvious choice.

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Standard dimensions
  • Length: 12, 18 and 24 m
  • Width: 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 m
Weighing Accuracy
  • According to OIML class 3
  • CE marked and EU type approved
Combine with
  • Weight indicator 47-20
Learn more about how our smart vehicle scale 14-15 works!

Terminals for self-service, the driver can identify himself and his material directly from his vehicle.

Ramp support

Ramp supports facilitate the construction of ramps for overhead installation.

Booms and traffic lights

Barriers and traffic lights to control traffic and to increase road safety.

RFID tag

RFID tag, for vehicle identification.

Automatic reading

Function for automatic registration plate reading (ANPR).

Traffic management system

Traffic control system to control and guide traffic within a specific area.

Pivoting terminal bracket

Pivoting terminal bracket, can reduce damage to the terminal in the event of a collision.

Electric heating

Electric heating in foundations and wave bridges.
Keeps the scale both traffic-safe and ice-free during the winter.

Guard rail

Guard rail in signal colour. Protection/assistance against falling off the scale.

Large display (large display)

Large display that gives the driver the opportunity to read the weight of his vehicle from a slightly longer distance.


Camera for still image or video surveillance, identify the type of cargo on the vehicle. ANPR camera for automatic license plate reading.

Side walls

Prefabricated side walls, side wall at e.g. sunken version or for all-terrain version.


Shake before weighing to reduce the risk of e.g. sand, gravel or snow slush ends up on the scale, which can affect operational reliability.

Waterborne heating

Water-borne heating foundations and in wave bridges, keeps the wave safe for traffic and ice-free during the winter.


Reflective posts that guide the driver on and off the scale.

Side skirts (various)

Side skirts on the weighbridges reduce the risk of dirt ending up under the weighbridges and affecting operational safety.

Photocell Reading

Photocell reading to identify that the entire vehicle is correctly on the scale.

Service hatches

Service hatches that are centrally located for good accessibility during service and cleaning.

Service platform

Foldable service platform for easier access to the terminal, e.g. when changing the paper roll. For safety reasons, it is required that the post is in ground foundations.

New variants
Article Length Width Foundation
141512HD 12 m 3 m Prefabricated
141512HDP 12 m 3 m Cast in place
141512HDP635 12 m 3,5 m Cast in place
141512HDP640 12 m 4 m Cast in place
141524HD 24 m 3 m Prefabricated
141524HDP 24 m 3 m Cast in place
141524HDP635 24 m 3,5 m Cast in place
141524HDP640 24 m 4 m Cast in place
Parallel execution
Article Length Width Foundation
141510x5HD 10 m 5 m Cast in place

Which design is suitable, as well as which maximum capacity and resolution the scale should be given, is determined according to which vehicle types the scale is to be used for.
There is thus no expressed maximum capacity, but it is axle weights and axle distance that determine the design.

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Vehicle scale 14-15 Heavy Duty (HD)