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Increased user-friendliness and profitability with new functions

In the development of Viktoria2 release 18, we have carefully listened to the requests of our users, which has resulted in significant improvements to features and the user experience.
The latest version has undergone extensive changes, especially in the web interface, to create an even smoother and more efficient user experience. Explore Viktoria2 and experience the new level of functionality that makes work processes smoother and more efficient.

Improved ease of use

Discover smooth navigation and intuitive control that open up completely new possibilities for managing the weighing system. Our web interface is carefully designed with ease of use in mind, making your work day smoother and more efficient.

Bespoke adaptations

Now we're introducing several new options to customize the interface for your specific business, with an emphasis on improved control, security and user experience. This creates an increased sense of security when you interact with the system.

Real-time monitoring and response

Stay continuously informed with real-time data and make quick decisions through the monitoring functions directly in the web interface. You have full control when it matters most.

Complete functionality

We have worked purposefully to develop a web interface that encompasses all central parts of your workflow. Now you have the ability to perform a variety of actions and control functions directly from your browser.

Optimal Integration

Smooth integration with various systems and tools enables a seamless work process. Our enhanced integration capability through a Web API ensures that you can optimize your work process and maximize efficiency.

Secure user experience

In Release 18, the certificate management has been improved with the possibility of using test certificates. In addition, the authorization control has been given refined functions, including facility authorization, for a safe and secure user experience.

Maximize efficiency with Viktoria2

Our registration system Viktoria2 is created to simplify and secure your work while giving you increased control over your work process. Through our customizable platform, you have the freedom to adapt Viktoria2 to your specific needs and your work environment. This flexibility enables maximum efficiency and helps you achieve the desired results in your work.


With release 17, we continue the work on developing our web functions.
In the new release we present a new layout with better grouping of the new registers, in addition more functions are accessed with the keyboard for a better user experience. There are now also several alternative ways to identify a driver at terminal weighing and a block list for storage location and cancellation settings. Furthermore, the functions for waste codes have been improved, as well as our webAPI. Lots of news!

New and improved features that lead to better profitability

Web features

In order to have greater flexibility and meet the requirements of being able to use Viktoria2 on different platforms, our work continues to develop our web functions.
In the new release, we present a new layout with better grouping of the different registers and the possibility to use favorites.
More functions are now accessed with the keyboard for more efficient and user-friendly input.

Driver/vehicle identification

There are now several alternative ways to identify a driver during terminal weighing and it is possible to set which options should be visible to the drivers.
“Blippa” RFID cards are of course still our main option, a quick and secure identification, but in some cases it may be better if the driver can identify himself with a registration number or with a code.
All three methods are supported and these can also be supplemented with camera reading of license plates.

Continuous improvement

A number of minor improvements are introduced as usual.
Now there is, for example, the possibility to decide whether:
– a role may or may not change the content of an order
– role authorization for energy and coordination
– balance sheet can be generated both during weighing in and out
– block list for storage location is introduced
– shredding settings and much more.

Waste codes

The functions of waste codes, formerly EWC codes, have been improved.
It is now possible to enter several waste codes for one and the same article and only the default options can be used when weighing this article.
It is now adjustable whether drivers should be able to choose from these codes in the terminal or whether the codes should always be handled by their own staff.


Integrations and exchange of data between systems are becoming increasingly important.
Our webAPI is constantly being expanded with new calls and there is now, for example, the possibility to update the status of a transaction to flag that invoicing has been completed.

Updated operation and development environment

Flintab uses and builds Viktoria2 to work in a modern Microsoft Windows environment.
Which means that a range of underlying frameworks can be used and before release 17 the .NET version has been updated to .NET6, the database framework to EFCore and internal communication to CoreWCF.
This means improvements in performance and security and ensures compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and MS-SQL.

Hardware for Victoria

Our registration equipment simplifies your work! Viktoria2 is made up of modules with different optional functions and different types of user accounts that make it easy to adapt to your business.